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The Ultimate-745 not only incorporates Sound Lab's latest electrostatic panel and electronic technologies, it also incorporates a massive steel frame to protect and preserve the critical tolerances of the electrostatic panel. The heavy duty frame employs three-inch diameter steel support posts that are solidly connected together with 1/2" thick steel brackets, terminating at floor level with spikes for solid floor coupling. The high reactive mass of the framework eliminates frame vibrations, thus eliminating frame resonance and insuring that all sonic energy is converted to music. Further, the Ultimate-1PXF includes Bass-Focus technology that increases bass dynamics by more than 6dB.

Ultimate 545

The Ultimate 545 is our answer for those who desire "Ultimate" sound but do not have the room for the larger Ultimate models. The Ultimate 545 is scaled down in size but not in performance, having exactly the same electronics as the larger models and employing the identical internal panel structural philosophy. The radiating area of the Ultimate 545 may be smaller, however the panels incorporate Bass-Focus® technology, bringing the bass performance very close to that of the larger models.

The space-age appearance along with the sturdy steelframework provide timeless beauty and superb sound.Black micro-texture Polane finish and black double-knit fabric are standard, however a wide range of finishes and grille fabrics are optionally available

Majestic 945PX

The Majestic 945PX has been affectionately referred to as the Storm Speaker since it can capture sounds as delicate as a rain drop in life-like clarity as well as reproduce sounds as powerful as thunder claps with astonishing realism. When it comes to music, theres never been a speaker available that provides such listening pleasure. Big, bold and beautiful, the Majestic 945PX is a perfect combination of form and function.

Majestic 845PX

The Majestic 845PX evolved from the desire of audiophiles to own the Majestic but whose listening room ceilings could not accommodate the 9' tall 945's. The '845 is designed to just fit under an 8' high ceiling. With the exception of lower height the 845 is the equivalent of the 945 in all other respects.

Majestic 645

The Majestic 645 immortalizes the legacy of the Majestic series in a mid-size configuration that is intended for use in small to medium size listening rooms. The simple uncluttered elegance of the Majestic 645's appearance was designed for rooms having a delicate decor balance, employing furniture-quality hardwood trim.

The Majestic 645 incorporates our most advanced electronics, including the Toroid II audio transformer and the Hot-Rod super-high-quality electronic components. Further, the remarkable Bass-Focus® panel technology is embodied, providing bass dynamics that are truly amazing.

Majestic 545

The Majestic 545 projects a simple unassuming aesthetic that is embellished by warm wood trim. The dimensions of the Majestic 545 are modest but its performance is remarkable, nearing that of our larger speakers. Further, the Majestic 545 incorporates the identical electronics and panel structural philosophy of our larger speakers. Bass-Focus® panel technology provides astounding bass performance, approaching that of our larger panels. The rich unassuming appearance and smaller size of the Majestic 545 will not disturb the decor balance of a room. The standard wood trim is medium oak and the grille is a double-knit black fabric. However, other woods and grille fabrics are optionally available. Matching the wood trim to other woods is also a service we provide.


The A-1PX  incorporates Sound Lab's advanced technology and wrap it in sumptuous hardwoods.

In the words of reviewer Dick Olsher:

"The A-1 is about elevating reproduced music to the level of the live experience, ... that they succeed to this extent is a miracle that every audiophile should experience at least once in his or her lifetime, ... they've got me excited about music like never before"


The A-3PX adds elegance to any listening room, both sonically and aesthetically.

Audiophile 545

Wrapped in a framework of luxurious hardwood, the Audiophile 545 will always have a place in your home and in your heart. Hidden within the beautiful exterior of the Audiophile 545 is the most advanced electrostatic loudspeaker technology to be found anywhere. It includes the Toroid II audio transformer, Hot-Rod super quality components and Bass-Focus® panel technology. The dimensions of the Audiophile 545 are comparatively small for being a full-range electrostatic speaker, but the performance is amazing for its size, approaching that of our larger full-range speakers. The rich appearance of the Audiophile 545 will add to the decor of any listening room. The standard wood trim is medium oak and the grille is a double-knit black fabric. However, other woods and grille fabrics are optionally available. Matching the wood trim to other woods is also a service we provide.

Note: All speakers are build to order. It normally takes four to eight weeks for delivery. In addition to the standard color, other finishes and fabrics are available.